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Chapter 8

PSYB45H3 Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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Jessica Dere

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Chapter 8: Developing Behavioural Persistence with Schedules of Reinforcement Some Definitions intermittent reinforcement arrangement in which a behaviour is positively reinforced only occasionally rather than every single time it happens response rate the number of instances of a behaviour that occur in a given period of time; also means the same as response frequency schedule of reinforcement rule that species which occurrences of a given behaviour, if any, will be reinforced continuous reinforcement (CRF) each instance of a particular response is reinforced operant extinction opposite of CRF; no instance of a behaviour is reinforced so the behaviour will eventually decrease a lot or just be gone intermittent reinforcement is in between CRF and operant extinction lots of things in nature arent reinforced all the time; number of schedules is unlimited acquisition phase behaviour is being conditioned or learned; good to give CRF maintenance phase after its well learned, it is in this phase; good to give intermittent reinforcement intermittent schedules are good for specic reasons reinforcer stays eective longer because satiation happens slowly behaviour thats reinforced this way takes longer to extinguish individuals work more consistently on certain intermittent schedules behaviour thats reinforced intermittently is more likely to persist when transferred to reinforcers in natural environment 4 schedules ratio, simple interval, schedules with limited hold, duration Ratio Schedules xedratio (FR) schedule reinforcer occurs each time a xed number of responses are emitted; e.g. get reward after every 2 math problems done; can be increased in steps so rst you need to do 2 but then you need to do 4, 6, 8, etc. because if you dont, the behaviour might go away ratio strain when you increase the FR schedule too fast so responses deteriorate the higher the nal level you want to reach, the more slowly you should approach it freeoperant procedure person is free to respond at various rates so there arent any constraints on successive responses; e.g. you can work at rate of 1 problem per minute or 3 discretetrials procedure not free to respond at your own rate; e.g. if you get reward after doing dishes for 3 meals, you can only do one meal a day, not all 3 at once 1
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