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16 Dec 2010

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Chapter 17: using punishment: time-out and response cost. punisher is an event that when presented immediately following a behavior causes the behavior to decrease in frequency. punishers are sometimes referred to as aversive stimuli or simply aversive. once an event has been determined to function as a punisher for particular behavior of individual in a particular situation that event can be used to decrease other behaviors of that individual in other situations. associated with concept of punisher is the principle of punishment: if in a given situation somebody does something that is immediately followed by a punisher then that person is less likely to do the same thing again when he/she encounters a similar situation. time-out involves transferring individual on a more reinforcing to less reinforcing situation immediately following a particular behavior. can be viewed as time-out from the opportunity to earn reinforcers. there are 2 types of time-outs www. notesolution. com.