PSYB45H3 Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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Respondent conditioning: operant behaviors controlled by their consequences, operant conditioning involves the manipulation of consequences, respondent behaviors controlled by antecedent stimuli, respondent consequences involves the manipulation of antecedent stimuli. Higher-order conditioning: occurs when a ns is paired with an already-established cs and the. Ns becomes a cs: depends on how well established the cs is when it is paired with the. Conditioned emotional responses (cers: first proposed by watson and rayner who used respondent conditioning procedures to condition a fear response in a young child, Cers or negative cers albert was negative: negative cers fear, anger, disgust, prejudice, positive cers happiness, love. Initially, an emotional response is a ur elicited by a us. Extinction of conditioned responses www. notesolution. com: called respondent extinction, involves the repeated presentation of the cs without presenting the us. Discrimination and generalization of respondent behavior: discrimination in respondent conditioning is the situation in which the.