PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Toilet Training, Ibm Officevision, Biofeedback

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20 May 2016

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Chapter 2 – Areas of Application: An Overview
Parenting and Child Management
E.g. to teach walking, initial language skills, toilet training, chores, solve sleep problems, bad habit
AB Analyst may help for more complex problems in child/adolescent
Triple P: Positive Parenting Program – effective to prevent behavioural. Emotional and developmental problems
Prevent youth violence
Education: from Preschool to University
Descriptions of BM techniques for teachers and university profs (developed by Fred S. Keller)
University teaching features:
oGoals of course stated in study questions and application exercises
oStudents have opportunity to demonstrate mastery through test/assignments
oStudents have detailed info of expectations at beginning of course
Personalized System of Instruction (PSI, also developed by Keller) has features including:
oMastery criteria – perform high level on test/assignment before proceeding
oUse of TA for scoring test/assignment
Computer-aided PSI (CAPSI): Automated PSI work to reduce labour and increase efficiency
Developmental Disability
Intellectual Disabilities
Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) defined intellectual disability as
oOriginated before 18, significant limitations in adaptive behaviour and intellectual functioning
oBelow 70-75 IQ (2.3% population)
oEffective for behaviours such as toileting, self-help, self-care skills
ASD – impaired social behaviour, communication, repetitive self-stimulatory behaviours, some similar
intellectual disability symptoms
Early IBI (EIBI; developed by Lovaas)
o Teach social and play behaviours, eliminate self-stimulatory behaviours, develop language skills.
o Applied <30 months and continue, then 50% of children will be in regular classroom at normal age
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find more resources at
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