PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Equivalence Class, Stimulus Control

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29 Jul 2016
Chapter 16 - Generality of behavioural change
- A behaviour change has generality when...
oStimulus generalization - the trained behaviour transfers from the training situation to
the target situation (e.g., natural environment), or
oResponse generalization - training leads to the development of new behaviour that was
not specifically trained, or
oBehaviour maintenance - training behaviour is maintained in the natural environment
over time
Operant stimulus generalization
- Recall: Stimulus generalization - Transferring a response that you have learned with a particular
stimuli to a new stimuli
oUnlearned: Due to strong physical similarity
Common-element stimulus class
Stimulus equivalence class
Programming operant stimulus generalization
- Conduct the training in the target situation (or very similar)
- Varying the training conditions leads to greater probability that some of the stimuli will be
present in the target situation; get stimulus control with a greater variety of stimuli
- Use stimuli that are present in both the training and target settings
- Use a large number of different situations and stimuli
Response generalization - When a behaviour becomes more probable as a result of the reinforcement of
another behaviour
- Can occur for several reasons
- Unlearned response generalization due to considerable physical similarity of the responses
oe.g., rollerblading and ice skating
- Learned response generalization based on minimal physical similarity of responses
oe.g., over-applying a learned grammatical tool, such as adding “s” to plural words
- Learned response generalization due to functionally equivalent responses
oResponses that produce the same consequences (e.g., different ways to cook hot dogs)
Programming operant response generalization
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