PSYB65H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Genetic Drift, Gene Flow, Zygosity

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Chapter 12 - humans, human brain, and evolution. The origins of species applies to more than just physical changes; evolutionary theory provides important insights into behaviours that also have been subject to selection pressures. This theory provides us with a means by which we can integrate our behaviour with our prehistory and gain profound insights into what it means to be human. As a species, we have difficulty applying the principles of evolution to ourselves. It appears that we do not like thinking of ourselves as animals and as being subject to the laws of nature. The discovery of evolutionary theory is credited to both charles darwin and alfred. Russel wallace, both of whom were naturalists with interests in geology. The historical theory of evolution can be summarized by three terms; variation, inheritance and differential reproduction. Individual differences in morphology result in variations in success in the environment, in terms of survival and reproduction.