Ch 12 How To Think Straight About Psychology

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Published on 14 May 2011
Chapter 12: The Rodney Dangerfield of the sciences
Psych has bad rep. b/c of distorted ideas of famous psychologists
Psych is related to paranormal by public, but real research is associated w/ other
ESP research isnt replicable, no one says you cant study it. This is why its not
Psych. Discredits paranormal, but attacks itself b/c ppl associate paranormal w/
Self-help books further confuse ppl on psych methods, what is studied (not just
abnormal) and are unscientific
Public thinks we focus more on applied
Psych research often credited to other disciplines
Psych needs to do better job of informing public and evaluating psychotherapies
Psychologists act unprofessionally, clinical psych. cant really predict individuals, yet
we support it
Bad psychology uses good to verify, exist together
Personal psych. is unfalsifiable, cant be evaluated, see what we want to
Scientists have advantage over debating structure of world
Pseudosciences take advantage of ppl that dont know, media lets them get their
ideas out
Sketch of psych.
1.Looks into solvable empirical problems
2.Theories are falsifiable
3.Operationally defined
4.Test theories w/ systematic empiricism, and are public
5.Peer reviewed
6.Uses exp. methods
7.Variety of methods
8.Theories are probabilistic
9.Slow convergence of many experiments w/ different flaws
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