PSYC12H3 Chapter 6: Chapter 6 text book notes

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6 May 2011

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Erving goffman - three types of stigmas abominations of the body blemishes of individual character t ribal stigmas of race, nation, and religion. Doosje and ellemers - group identification - high identifiers more likely to associate themselves with their group even when it has a negative image; low identifiers more likely to dissociate, quite prepared to let the group fall apart. Cheryan and bodenhausen - when participants" ethnic identity was made salient, their math performance was significantly worse than when their personal identity or gender identity was made salient. Ambady - when asian american women had their ethnic identity made salient, they performed better on a math test than when either no identity or their gender was made salient. Anti-asian american prejudice has two components: envy of the (perceived) excessive intellectual competence and disdain for their (perceived) low sociability. Fiske - stereotype-content model (scm) - many stereotypes and prejudices can be located along two dimensions - competence and warmth.