PSYC12H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Social Emotions, Normative Social Influence, Gordon Allport

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Chapter1: introduction to the study of stereotyping and prejudice. Groups are evolutionary advantageous: division of labour, order imposed by some on others, protecton, child rearing. Groups are the basic building blocks of society. Negative of groups: sexual competition: when ppl are organized into groups it is they tend to form closer ties to members of their own group and they tend to be suspicious and rejecting of members of other groups. Ingroup people who belong to the same group as you favoured. Outgroup people who do not belong to your group don"t favour. A logical analysis of intergroup hostility suggests that there is no rational basis for dislink others simply because they belong to another group. James byrd jr black guy in the american south. Behaviour discrimination: any negative behaviour directed directed toward an individual based on their membership in a group.