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21 Apr 2012

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Personality tests: ability tests include a plethora of instruments for measuring intelligence, achievement and aptitude, personality tests seek to measure one or more of the following personality traits, dynamic motivation, symptoms of distress, personal strengths and attitudinal characteristics. The two fundamental features of personality: each person is consistent to some extent, we have coherent traits and action patterns that arise repeatedly, each person is distinctive to some extent; behavioural differences exist between individuals. Psychoanalysis was the original creation of sigmund freud. Freud developed a general theory of psychological functioning with the concept of the unconscious as its foundation. Believed that unconscious was the reservoir of instinctual drivers and a storehouse of thoughts and wish that would be unacceptable to our conscious self. Dreams itself portray our unconscious motives in a disguised form. Rorschach likened his inkblot test to an x ray of the unconscious mind.