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Chapter 12

PSYC14 - Chapter 12 Notes

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Sisi Tran

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lbalaquiaoPSYC14 CHAPTER 12 LIVING IN MULTICULTURAL WORLDSOUTLINE Difficulties in Studying AcculturationWhat Happens When People Move to a New CultureChanges in Attitudes Toward the Host CultureWho Adjusts BetterSome Pitfalls of AcculturationMulticultural People Evidence for BlendingFrameSwitching Different but Often Unequal Cultures are NOT homogenous entitiescultures are not as clearcut as we may thinkMAIN QUESTIONS o What happens to peoples psychology when they move to a culture that is different from the one where they were raised o Do some people fare better in this experience than others o How are peoples minds different if they have lived in two distinct cultures throughout their lives o What are some of the psychological costs of being a member of a culture that is actively discriminated against by others DIFFICULTIES IN STUDYING ACCULTURATIONACCULTURATIONthe process by which people migrate to and learn a culture that is different from their original or heritage culture Research on acculturation is pretty much scattered aboutthe literature is not very coherent Acculturating individuals all have different experiences o Different reasons for immigrating fortune or fame refugees studying abroad etc o Immigrate to dramatically different environments To the ghetto or more homogenous environment where they are one of the only different ones o Some move to environments that are either very similar to or different from their heritage culture o Different personalities are also variables when studying acculturationOVERALL there are few commonalities between acculturating individuals 1
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