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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Heredity and Genetics Genetics: study of genetic make up of organisms and how it influences their physical behavioural characteristics study of structure 7 functions of genes, how they are transmitted from one generation to another, & how they operate in populations Heredity: sum of traits and tendencies inherited from a persons parents and other biological ancestors Gregor Mendel experimental crossbreeding with pea plants, uncovered principles of heredity concluded how height, colour, seed shape, and other traits could be transmitted from one generation to the next Heredity determined by DNA genes are small units of DNA that direct the synthesis of proteins & enzymes according to the particular sequences of nucleotide bases they contain junk DNAnot involved in direct synthesis of proteins and known as non-coding DNA. Thus, non coding sequences of DNA may plya a ritical role to regulate the processes of other genes that synthesize proteins by genes. Non coding DNA can affect evolution. Genome: total set of genetic material of an organism 24 diff DNA molecules in women 25 diff DNA molecules in men 30 000- 40 000 genes win human genome human genome is only twice number in a common housefly Genes influence physical & behaviour development in only one way: protein synthesis the order if amino acids in proteins are specified by the nucleotide A, T,G, and C linked together on DNA molecule sequence of 3 nucleotides corresponds to particular amino acid **There are no genes for behaviour, only for physical structures and physiological processes that are related to behaviour* Enzymes: govern processes that occur within every cell in body & thus control each cells structure and function www.notesolution.com
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