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Chapter 11Psychology is the study of behavior thought and experience Scientific method is a way of learning about the world through collecting observations proposing explanations for the observations developing theories to explain them and using the theories to make predictions Theories hypothesis test hypothesis reject or confirmPseudoscience refers to ideas that are presented as science but do not actually utilize basic principles of scientific thinking or procedure Theory is an explanation for a broad range of observations that also generates new hypotheses and integrates numerous findings into a coherent whole1Theories are not the same thing as opinions or beliefs 2All theories are not equally believable3A measure of a good theory is not the number of people who believe it to be trueBiopsychosocial model is a means of explaining behavior as a product of biological psychological and sociocultural factorsScientific literacy is the ability to understand analyze and apply scientific information A model involves 4 different skills gathering knowledge about the world explaining it using scientific terms and concepts using critical thinking and applying and using informationMass vs space practiceMassing studies individual cards Spacing studies cards were studied further apart which results better in vocabulary terms and memoryCritical thinking involves exercising curiosity and skepticism when evaluating the claims of others and with our own assu
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