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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Study Guide

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1 The Science of Psychology What is Psychology? -to discover and explain causes of behavior -application to treatment of psychological disorders and improvement of society Why Behaviour is Studied? -causal events -> events that cuase other events (including behavior) to occur -intellectual curiousity -> want to find explanation and understand causes -human behaviour is root of worlds problem i.e. war, agricultural activity Fields of Psychology 2 types of psychologist 1. Scientist- try to discover causes of behaviour 2. Practitioner of applied psychology apply discovery to solution of problem Area of Psychological Research Research psychologists differ in 2 ways: 1. Types of behaviours (investigation) 2. Types of causal event (analysis) Physiological Psychology -focus on nervous system -study behaviour in non-human animals, i.e. learning, memory, sensory process -non-human animal used as a model Comparative Psychology -study of behaviour in various species to explain behaviour (evolutionary adaptation) to the environment -study inherited behavioural patterns i.e. courting & mating, predation & aggression, defensive & parental behaviours Behaviour Analysis -the effect of environmental events on behaviour -interested in study about learning and motivation -perform experiment in applied setting i.e. school, home & business -pleasant consequences -> behaviour repeated, unpleasant consequences -> action not repeated Behaviour Genetics -role of genetics in behaviour -gene is blueprint for the human brain -examine similarities in physical & behaviourial characteristic of blood relatives because genes are more similar -breeding experiment with animal -> what kinds of behaviour can be passed on www.notesolution.com
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