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Chapter 6

PSYA01 - Chapter 6 Textbook Readings

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Extrasensory Perception - idea that humans experience sensations extra to ones already confirmed (ie. in addition to vis.,aud.,gus.,olf,somato.) - Recall: essential diff. from 1 sys. to another is diff. physiol sys. & diff. receptor types - thro. Studies & Specie-specific knowledge, been learned that sea turtles able to distinguish b/ween variations in nature of earth's mag. field over vast distance > allowing them to migrate 1000's of km to breeding ground destination ESP: Proposed Magnetic Sense in Sea Turtles Lohman's Study - subj: loggerhead sea turtles - task: place in controlled pool setting, & swim in diff. dir's, which are exposed to diff. mag intensities - result: swimming dir's same as normal orientation for migrating to parts of eart w/ those mag. strengths => can distinguish b/ween diff. lvls of mag.E Testing ESP: Magnetic Sense in Humans? Baker's Study - subj: British teens - task: blindfold, & starting pos. is loc. far away from home, so now pt towards home by stating & describing dir. (=Barnard Castle) - attached magnets for "With Magnets" group to cancel out magnetic exposure from Earth (= poor result) Issues to Consider Regarding Baker's Study [1] How can transduction of mag. fields happen (in molec. lvl) - 3 ways biol. cells able to respond to mag. field discrepencies (a) magnetic induction - trigger sensory receptor by elec. curr
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