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Chapter 13

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 13Reading NotesSocial Psychology130People who are socially isolated are more likely to become depressed ill and to die prematurelyFeeling isolated is as bad for your health as being obese or smokingSocial psychology The study of the causes and consequences of socialitySocial behaviour How people change each other people have 3 basic motivations that make them susceptible to influenceSocial cognition How people understand each other use information about another persons affiliations and actions to make judgementsmistakes131Ultrasocial Form societies in which large numbers of individuals divide labour and cooperate for mutual benefit o Ex Hymenoptera ants bees wasps etc termites naked mole rats and humansHumans are the champions of survival and reproduction because we are deeply social132Aggression Behaviour whose purpose is to harm anotherFrustrationaggression hypothesis Animals aggress when and only when their goals are frustrated o Ex Chimp wants banana goalpelican about to take it frustrationchimp threatens pelican with fist aggression o Ex Robber wants money goalteller has it locked up frustrationrobber threatens teller with gun aggressionThe idea of aggression is a response to negative effect and may explain why so many act aggressivelyTestosterone promotes aggression by making people feel concerned with their status powerful and confident in their ability to prevailCulture matters a lot when it comes to aggression and violence Cooperation Behaviour by two or more individuals that leads to mutual benefitGroup A collection of people who have something in common that distinguishes them from othersPrejudice A positive or negative evaluation of another person based on their group membershipDiscrimination A positive or negative behaviour toward another person based on their group membershipDeindividuation When immersion in a group causes people to become less concerned with their personal valuesDiffusion of responsibility Individuals feel diminished responsibility for their actions because they are surrounded by others who are acting the same wayAltruism Behaviour that benefits another without benefiting oneselfKin selection The process by which evolution selects for individuals who cooperate with their relativesReciprocal altruism Behaviour that benefits another with the expectation that those benefits will be returned in the future
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