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PSYA02 Ch 12

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John Bassili

PSYA02 Ch 12 Lifespan DevelopmentDevelopmental Phases of the Lifespan Phase Approximate Age Highlights Prenatal Conceptionbirth Rapid physical dvlpt of both nervous system and body Infancy 02Motor dvlpt attachment to primary caregiver Childhood 18 mo12 Increasing ability to think logically and reason abstractly refinement of motor skills peer influences Adolescence 1320 Thinking and reasoning becomes more adultlike identity crisis continued peer influences Adulthood 2065 Love committed relsh career stability and then decrease in physical abilities Old Age 65 Reflection of lifes workaccomplishments physical health deteriorates prepare for death deathCrosssectional study a study of development in which individuals of diff ages are comparedthe same time Longitudinal study a study of devlpt in which observations of the same individuals are compareddiff times of their lives Prenatal period the 9 mo btw conception and birth This period is divided into 3 developmental stages the zygotic the embryonic and the fetal X chromosome inactivation is one example of a factor that must direct the mechanisms of replication during the prenatal period so that cells that are genetically identical will devlp along diff paths1 of the 2 X chromosomes that women bear is silenced early in dvlpt such that most of its genes dont synthesize the proteins they normally would An example of epigenetic modification a modification of cell inheritance that is not due to alterations of the DNA sequence itself 362Zygote stage the first stage of prenatal dvlpt during which the zygote the union of the egg and sperm divides many times and the internal organs begin to form hair skin nervous system sensory systems digestive and respiratory system glands circulatory and excretory systemsEmbryonic stage the second stage of prenatal dvlpt beginning2 weeks and ending 8 weeks after conception during which the heart begins to beat the brain starts to function and most of the major body structures begin to formTeratogens substances agents and events that can cause birth defects this stage is most vulnerable to such toxins Sexual dvlpt begins XX female XY male
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