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PSYA02 Ch 18

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John Bassili

PSYA02 Ch 18 Treatment of Psychological DisordersPpl w paranoid schizophrenia may have been regarded as prophets in the past Trephining a surgical procedure in which a hole is made in the skull of a living person to permit evil spirits to leave the victims head Other rituals included curse insults exorcism beatings starving drowning drinking foul concoctions thJohann Weir was a 16 CE physician who was banned for believing these were mental illnesses The mentally ill would be strapped into a tranquilizing chair w a box placed over their head and subjected to terrible treatments Philippe Pinel was a French physician who sought out fresh air and freedom for the patients as a recovery route that succeededDororthea Dix led the mental hospital reform in North America Franz Mesmer devised a theory of magnetic fluxes where he cured the insane by manipulating iron rods and bottle of chemicals he hypnotized his patients that alleviated their symptoms hypnosismesmerism Jean Charcot used hypnosis to treat hysteria in womenFreudpsychoanalysis hypnosis as a determinant of personality and origins of mental illnesses Eclectic approach a form of therapy where the therapist uses whatever method they feel work best for a particular clienta particular time combo therapies Insight therapy assume that ppl are essentially normal but learn maladaptive thought patterns and emotions wheich are revealed in maladaptive bhvr it sees bhvr as a symptom of deeper underlying psychological problems one the patient understands the causes of the bhvr and its maladaptive causestheyll cease Psychoanalysis a form of therapy aimedproviding the client w insight into their unconscious motivations and impulses Freud Creates a setting where clues about the origin of intrapsychic conflicts are revealed to the client revealed in their dreams physical problems memory speech mannerism cognitive and emotional reactions to therapy Veil of amnesia lifts the moment that insight is achievedFreud Free association a psychoanalytic procedure where the client is encouraged to speak freely wo censoring possibly embarrassing or socially unacceptable thoughts or ideas psych couch avoid eye contactrelieves authoritative figurereports any thoughtsimages that come to mind wo worrying their meaning Dream association was imperativeResistance a dvlp during therapy in which the client becomes defensive unconsciously attempting to halt further insight by censoring their true feelingsSomething of a paradox involved in achieving insight for the often painfulthreatening knowledge resulting f insight is precisely what led to its repression in the first placeTransference the process where a client begins to project powerful attitudes and emotions onto the therapist reliving significant early experiences they substitute for the actual ppl in the clients life the therapist acts as tool for illuminating the conflicts of the unconsciousEg the client may come to 3 or hate the therapist w the same intensity of emotions experienced in childhood toward parents or siblings
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