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Chapter 10


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CHAPTER 10 LANGUAGE - True verbal ability is a social behaviour. - Language Crucial role in day-to-day communication. Used as a tool in our remembering and thinking. It enables us to think about very complex and abstract issues by encoding them as words and then manipulating the words according to logical rules. - We often encode information in memory verbally. - Psycholinguistics: a branch of psychology devoted to the study of verbal behaviour. Concerned more with human cognition than with the particular rules that describe language. Psycholinguists are interested in how children acquire language: how verbal behaviour develops and how children learn to speak from their interactions with adults. o They also study how adults use language and how verbal abilities interact with other cognitive abilities. SPEECH AND COMPREHENSION Perception of Speech - When we speak to someone, we produce a series of sounds in a continuous stream, punctuated by pauses and modulated by stress and change in pitch. - Sentences are written as a set of words with spaces between them. - We say sentences as a string of sounds, emphasizing (stressing) some, quickly sliding over others, raising the pitch of our voice on some, lowering it on others. - A regular rhythmic pattern of stress is maintained. - There are pauses at appropriate times (such as between phrases) but there are no pauses after pronouncing each word. - Speech does not come to us as a series of individual words but rather we must extract words from a stream of speech. Recognition of Speech Sounds - Auditory system Enables us to recognize speech sounds. www.notesolution.com
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