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Chapter 10

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John Bassili

Chapter 10 Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus ControlPrompts used to increase likelihood that a person will engage in the correct behaviour at the correct time verbal prompt gesture prompt modeling prompt physical prompt o Used during discrimination training to help person engage in correct behaviour in presence of discriminative stimulus Sd o Function of prompt produce instance of correct behaviour so that it can be reinforced o Makes teachingtraining more efficient o Use different prompts on different individualsinstructions gestures modeling physical assistance to get correct response in the presence of Sd ball thrown by pitcherFading one way to transfer stimulus control from prompts to Sd o Remove prompts so behaviour is under stimulus control of the SdGoal of prompting and fading is to engage in correct behaviour without promptsUltimately Sd MUST have stimulus control over behaviourPrompting gets correct behaviour to offer fading transfers stimulus control to natural SdTypes of Prompts 1 Response Prompts the behaviour of another person evokes correct responseVerbal PromptsGestural PromptsModeling PromptsPhysical Prompts 2 Stimulus Promp
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