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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 textbook notes

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John Bassili

Chapter 11 INTELLIGENE AND THINKING - In general, if people do well academically or succeed at tasks that involve their heads, we consider them to be intelligent - Thus, a critic who writes a witty, articulate review of an artists exhibition of paintings is said to demonstrate intelligence, whereas the painter is said to show talent - Intelligence as a persons ability to learn and remember information, to recognize concepts and their relations, and to apply the information to their own behavior in an adaptive way - Any definition of intelligence depends on cultural judgments - The study of intelligence is dominated by three main approaches 1 Differential approach favors the development of tests that identify and measure individual differences in peoples abilities to solve problems, particularly those that use skills important in the classroom 2 Developmental approach studies the way in which children learn to perceive, manipulate, and think about the world - The most influential proponent of this approach was the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) 3 Information processing approach focus on the types of skills people use to think and to solve various types of problem - We will focus on Robert Sternbergs influenti
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