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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Anna Nagy

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Chapter 12 2 reasons for using statisticso Statistics are used to describe dateo Used to make inferences on the basis of the sample data about a population4 scales of measuremento Nominalhave no numerical quantitative properties It is simply different categories or groups Most independent variables in experiments are nominalsEx eye colour birth order o Ordinal involve minimal quantitative distinction We can rank order the levels of the varable being studied from lowest to highest Ex most important problem to least importance such as gang violence could be the first one o Interval Ratio have much more detailed quantitive propertiesWith an interval scale the intervals between the levels are equal in scale In ratio scale variables they have both equal intervals an an absolute zerio point that indicates the absence of the variable being measuredEx time weightlengthDepending on th way that the variables are studied there are 3 basic ways of describing the resultso Comparative group percentages for example youwant to find out whehter males r fema
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