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Chapter 6

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Connie Boudens

Chapter 6 Observational MethodsQuantitative and Qualitative Approaches Qualitative research focuses on people behaving in natural settings and describing their world in their own words quantitative research tends to focus on specific behaviors that can be easily quantified ie countedQualitative researchers emphasize collecting indepth information on a relatively few individuals or within a very limited setting quantitative investigations generally include larger samplesThe conclusions of qualitative research are based on interpretations drawn by the investigator conclusions in quantitative research are based upon statistical analysis of dataNaturalistic Observation Naturalistic observation is sometimes called field work or simply field observationIn a naturalistic observation study the researcher makes observations of individuals in their natural environmentsUsually a public placeEx practical thinking Description and Interpretation of Data The goal of naturalistic observation is to provide a complete and accurate picture of what occurred in the setting rather than to test hypotheses formed prior to the study Usually use audio or visual recordings t
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