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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 285303 Close Relsh Evolutionary approach an approach derived f evolutionary biology that states that men and women are attracted to diff characteristics in each othermen are attracted by womens physical appearance since health and age denote reproductive success women are attracted by mens resources economic and career achievements bc these are resources both the women and their offspring will need this maximizes their reproductive successAttachment theory our bhvr in adult relsh is based on our experiences as infants w our parents Attachment styles Ainsworth the expectations ppl dvlp about relsh w others based on the relsh they had w their primary caregiver when they were infants1 Secure attachment style an attachment style of trust a lack of concern w being abandoned and the view that one is worthy and wellliked 2 Avoidant attachment style an attachment style by a suppression of attachment needs bc attempts to be intimate have been rebuffed in the past due to aloof and distant parents ppl w this style f
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