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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Who Am I? Understanding the Building Blocks of Personality.doc

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 1 Who Am I Understanding the Building Blocks of PersonalityOceanpersonalityits not just water its more and it changesSome personality is universal genetics physiology neurology some is unique introversionextroversion and some share the same experiences caregivers sexual adjustment etc What is Personality PsychologyPersonality Psychologythe scientific study of what make us who we are The study of individual differences identifying ways in which people are both similar and different and explaining how they became that way The Building Blocks of Personality1 Traitsa persons typical way of thinking feeling and acting in various situations at different timesBorn with physiology that makes us likely to develop characteristicsenvironmental influences2 Geneticsthe study of how genes and environment affect personality and behaviour Behaviours that improve survival evolvedNature and nurturepotentialities that may be expressed depending on environment3 Neurosciencethe study of how our brain and nervous system affect personality and behaviour through the study of bodily responses brain structure brain activity and biochemical activity Extroversion neuroticism and impulsivity related to primarily built in physiological and neurological differences4 Self and Identityencompasses our own sense of who we are including selfconcept sense of self selfesteem opinion of selfconcept and social identity how we present ourselves Unique to humansother mammals5 Intrapsychic within our sense of self we look within ourselves intra to our conscious and unconscious thought and feelings psychic that make up our personality intrapsychicSigmund Freudphysical disorders have unconscious psychological causesearly childhood experience stages unconsciouslypersonality defensespsychotherapy to change personality
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