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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 1Studying the PersonIntroductionPersonality PsychologyScientific Study of whole person construct credible account of psychological individualityIndividual differences Developing ways to classify categorize and organize diversity of psychological individuality and biological environmentally forces and factors that explain those differenceWhat Do We Know When We Know a Person Sketching an Outline Dispositional TraitsPersonality portrait General statements concerning her characteristic patterns of behavioural evidence that is not sufficient to give your complete confidence in assumptionsPersonality traits General internal and comparative dispositions attributed to people in initial efforts account for consistencies we perceive or expect in behaviour form 1 situation to the next over timeWays to quantify individual differences in trait selfreport questionnaires people know themselvesHow many traits possible 18000 in English dictionary 4500 were relatively stable and enduring dispositional traitsBig 5 traits OCEAN 1 Openness to Experience O 2 Conscientiousness3 Extraversion4 Agreeableness A 5 Neuroticism N MAYBE FILL IN TABLE 12 PG 7Filling in the Details Characteristic AdaptationsTrait attributions are useful bc they tell us about trends in behaviour over time and across different situations settings an contextscontextualized in time place andor roleCharacteristic adaptations Contextualized facets of psycho Individuals speak to motivational cognitive and developmental concerns in personalityTheories of human motivationwhat people fundamentally want or desire on life Sigmund Freud Motivated by deep urges in sexuality and aggression Carl Rogers and other humanistic psychologists Importance for selfactualization and other growthpromoting human tendencies Henry Murray 20 basic psych Needs or motives David McClleland Studying the needs for achievement power and affiliationintimacyTheories of cognition and personalityrole of cog Factorsvalues beliefs expectancies schemas plans personal constructs cognitive stylesin human individualityGeorge Kellys personal construct theory many contemporary approaches to personalityTheories of developmentfocus on evolution of self and relationship w other form birthold age Erik Eriksons theory of psychosocial developmentJane Loevingers theory of ego development TABLE 13 PG 9Constructing a Story Integrative Life NarrativesLife story Internalized and evolving narrative of the self that integrates the reconstructed past perceived present and anticipated future in order to provide a life w a sense of unity and purposeHow might personality psychologists interpret stories people live by People actively and consciously make meaning out of their lives in terms of narratives that are prevalent in their own culturespick and choose among different stories that their cultures have to offer in order to create narrative identities Sigmund Freud introduced world of interpreting peoples lives through dark and unconscious forces within 0 meaning are hidden bw lives Contemporary approachespostmodern discursive dialogicalpeople are storytellers who make themselves a new w each new conversation they have
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