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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 1: Studying the Person Personality psychology in scientific study of the whole person Ultimate goal is to construct scientifically credible account of psychological individuality Study individual differences in people Develop ways to classify, categorize, organize diversity of psychological individuality Look for biological and environmental forces and factors that explain those differences Sketching an Outline: Dispositional Traits Personality traits are those general, internal and comparative dispositions that we attribute to people in our initial efforts to sort individuals into meaningful behavioural categories and to account for consistencies we perceive or expect in behaviour from one situation to next and over time The big five trait o Openness to experience (O) o Conscientiousness (C) o Extraversion (E) o Agreeableness (A) o Neuroticism (N) Big five traits sketch outline of person Filling in the Details: Characteristic Adaptations Trait attributes useful because they tell us about trends in behaviour over time and across different situations, settings and contexts Characteristics adaptations are contextualized facets of psychological individuality that speak to motivational, cognitive, and developmental concerns in personality Theories in 3 major categories: o Human motivation: speak to question of what people fundamentally wantdesire in life Freud- hu
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