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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 2: Evolution and Human Nature On Human Nature: Our Evolutionary Heritage Principles of Evolution Darwin- all existing living forms have evolved over time in response to their interactions with environments Natural selection: process whereby nature gradually selects those characteristics of organisms that promote survival and reproductive success Two different ways that persons can promote likelihood of replicating in next generation those genes that are responsible for their very design and existence: o Generate and promote ones own biological offspring o Promote reproduction and well-being of those individuals who share the same genes Hamilton- inclusive fitness: overall ability to maximize replication of genes that designed it o Part of total includes results of organisms own reproductive success, but part also includes reproductive success of close relatives, with whom organism shares genes The Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness Pleistocene world within which human beings lived and evolved environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA) o Lived as foragers Humans live in groups Participation in daily functioning of small cooperative groups may have been principal survival strategy of early humans Advantages in EA o Could better defend themselves against predators and other threats by living together in collectives o Looking out for one another in times of danger o Consol
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