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Chapter 10-12

Chapter 10-12

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 10:Life Scripts, Life Stories Meaning of stories narrating mind o Brunerhumans evolved to interpret exps. though lige stories, 2 ways Paradigmatic modelook for cause and effect rels.causal thinking good story tellers says no more than they mean narrative mode explained in terms of human actors striving to do things over time good storyteller means more than they cansay healing and integration o stories work to unity diff. parts of the self o Bettelheimfairytales allow kids to ID wit charac. and work through own internal conflict o reasons to write autobio. allows for a kind of personal intergration depathologizing of lifeclient and therapist work to prod. a healing narrative of the self o Rothautobio. to discover facts about how became a writer o PennebakerSTUDY write story about upsetting event in your life act of turing memories to words has therapeutic and health benefits o Pennebaker and BeallSTUDY write story about traumatic evern for 4 straight days 4 groups trauma factual trauma but no feelings trauma emo. feeling but no facts trauma combo. feelings and facts o better health during next months than other groups o Pennebakerdisclosure helps because not talking requires work and leads to many stress related issues narrating allows to face prob. and get over itredxn. in physiol. arousal 2 things respb. deg. of neg. emo expressed extent which traum event reconstructed as well-formed story Feeling and Story: Tomkins Script Theory Affects o affects (human emo.) are primary motivators of human B o affects amplify drives providing them with motivational power o faceorg. of emoeach affect linked to move. of muscles in face o primary emos. 2 positive interestexcitement, enjoyment 1 either surprise 7 negative distress, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, shame, guilt www.notesolution.com
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