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Chapter 1


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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Chapter 1 Statistical Infrequency - Normal curve (or bell-shaped curve) places the majority of people in the middle - Person considered normal if they do not deviate much from the average in a certain trait or behaviour pattern Violation of Norms - Another characteristic to take into account is whether the behaviour violates social norms or threatens or makes anxious those observing the behaviour Personal Distress - Behaviour is abnormal if it causes great distress and torment in the person experiencing it Disability or Dysfunction - Disability: impairment in some important area of life Unexpectedness - Distress and disability are considered abnormal when they are UNEXPECTED responses to environmental stimuli History of Psychopathology  Early Demonology - Demonology: Doctrine that an evil being, such as the devil, may dwell within a person and control his or her mind and body - Exorcism: casting out of evil spirits by ritualistic chanting or torture o Took the form of elaborate rites of prayer, noisemaking, forving the afflicted to drink bad-tasting brews, and flogging and starvation - Trepanning: making of a hole in the skull of a person to release evil spirits from the head o It was a way of treating conditions such as: epilepsy, headaches and psychological disorders attributed to demons within the cranium  Somatogenesis - Hippocrates became the father of medicine - One of the very earliest proponents of somatogenesis: notion that something wrong with the soma (physical body disturbs thought and action - Psychogenesis: belief that a disturbance has psychological origins - Hippocrates classified mental disorders as: o Mania o Melancholia o Phrenitis (brain fever) - Believed in natural over supernatural cau
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