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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Child's Growth - Brain, Body, Motor Skills, and Sexual Maturation

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Brain Development in InfancyCerebrum is the two connected hemispheres of the brainCerebral cortex is the covering layer of the cerebrum in charge of seeing hearing moving and thinkingNeurons are cells in the body with axons and dendrites sending and receiving neural impulsesNeuron proliferation is the rapid development of neurons in the brain at about 250 000 new neurons per minuteGlial cells surround and protect neurons providing nutrients and repairing tissueMyelination is the process by which glial cells encase neurons with myelinNeural migration is the movement of neurons within the brain that ensures all brain areas have a sufficient number of neural connectionsAbsence of sufficient connections can lead to complications like mental retardationSynapses are the connections in between neuronsSynaptogenesis is the forming of synapses beginning early in prenatal lifeNeuronal death is the death of neuronsSynaptic pruning is the process in which the brain disposes of axons and dendrites of a neuron not used oftenSequential Development of the BrainBaby shows reflexive behaviour rooting startle responsesvoluntary movement reaching crawlingpurposeful movement effort to make contact with an objectHemispheric SpecializationBrain hemispheres are the two halves of the brainCorpus collosum are the set of nerve fibres connecting the two hemispheres of the brainHemispheric specialization is the different functioning responsibilities of either hemisphere speech and language are controlled by the left hemisphere and visualspatial processing is controlled by the rightRight hemisphere is in charge of visualspatial information nonspeech sounds music and perception of faces this includes processing of facial emotions like happiness or sorrowLeft hemisphere is in charge of processing of languageLateralized is the idea that one half of the hemisphere is in charge of certain processes One example is that the left hemisphere is in charge of speech sounds and the right is in charge of nonspeech soundsDyslexia is the difficulty people experience in learning how to readSome researchers proposed that people process spatial information in both hemispheres instead of just one which is why they encounter difficultiesPlasticity is the capacity of the brains neural structure to respond to input from the environment the idea of the brain developing through
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