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Chapter 14


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Konstantine Zakzanis

CHAPTER 14SEXUAL AND GENDER IDENTITY DISORDERS Gender Identity DisorderGender identity disorder a deeply felt incongruence between anatomic sex and the sensed gender Transsexualism y Begins in childhood y Associated with a developmental lag in achieving a sense of gender constancy or stability y Usually recognized by parents at age 24 y 66 times more frequent in boys than in girls y Often experience anxiety and depression y Prevalence rates are slight1 in 30000 for men and 1 in 100000 to 150000 in women y Influenced by hormones y Cross dressing common in menTherapies for gender identity disorder y Body alterations o Cosmetic surgery electrolysis so remove facial hair surgery to reduce size of chin and Adams apple female hormones to promote breast growth and soft skin o Sexreassignment surgery operation of existing genitalia to make it look like those of the opposite sex y Alteration of gender identity o Alter the psychology to match the persons body The ParaphiliasParaphilias sexual attraction to unusual objects or sexual activities that are unusual in nature y 50 of men report voyeuristic fantasies of peeping at unsuspecting naked women y Usually occur in menFetishism reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arousal y Feet and shoes sheer stockings rubber products such as raincoats gloves toilet articles fur garments and especially underpants are common sources of arousal for fetishists y Compulsive involuntary and irresistible y Usually begins in adolescence y Fetishists often have other paraphiliasTransvestic fetishism dressing in clothes of the opposite sex for the purpose of sexual arousaly Autogynephilia mans tendency to become sexually aroused at the thought of himself as a woman is typically found in association with transvestismy Heterosexual males who crossdress episodically not regularly
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