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PSYB32 Ch 10

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Ch 10Mood disorders disabling disturbances in emotion f the sadness of depression to the elation and irritability of mania Depression an emotional state marked by great sadness and feelings of worthlessness and guilt Withdrawal f others and loss of sleep appetite sexual desire and interest in usual activities Paying attention is exhausting for depressed ppl they cannot taken in what they read and what other ppl say to them Depression in children occur in somatic symptoms eg headaches and in adults characterized by distractibility and memory loss Less prevalent in China bc its less appropriate to display emotional symptoms there Psychologizers ppl who emphasize the psychological aspects of depressionMania an emotional state or mood of intense but unfounded elation accompanied by irritability hyperactivity talkativeness flight of ideas distractibility and impractical grandiose plans Annoyingly sociable and intrusive purposelessly busy and any attempt to curb their momentum can bring angerrage Major depressive disorder MDD requires the presence of 5 of the following symptoms forleast 2 weeks depressed mood loss of interest insomnia or the opposite shift in activity level either lethargic psychomotor retardation or agitated poor appetite or the opposite fatigue negative selfconcept and worthlessness difficulty in concentrating slowed thinking and indecisiveness recurrent thoughts of deathsuicideGirls are more likely to have certain risk factors for depression even before adolescence but its only when these risk factors interact w the challenges of adolescence that the gender differences in depression emerge Girls are more likely to engage in ruminative coping focusing their attention on their depressive symptoms eg what does it mean that I feel this waymore severe depressive symptoms Boys on the other hand engage in distracting themselves and brooding moody pondering eg what am I doing to deserve this Diff genders face diff stressorsgirls face social challenges narrowing of interests and pursue feminine activities while boys face restrictions on roles and activities deemed appropriateAlso women reported to victimization Kindling hypothesis the notion that once a depression has already been experienced it takes relatively less stress to induce a subsequent recurrence The Autonomy hypothesis depression has become autonomous and no longer needs stress to activate itThe Sensitivity hypothesis even small amounts of stress are sufficient to induce depressionBipolar I disorder episodes of mania or mixed episodes that include symptoms of both mania and depression
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