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Chapter 4

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 4 Clinical Assessment Procedures RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY IN ASSESSMENT ReliabilityInterrater reliability degree to which 2 independent observers agreeTestretest reliability measures extent to which people being observed twice or taking the same test twice perhaps several weeks or months apart score in generally the same wayAlternateform reliability using 2 forms of a test rather than giving same test twice perhaps when there is concern that people will remember answers from first testaim to be consistentInternal consistency reliability assesses whether the items on a test are related to one another an anxiety questionnaire with 20 items we would expect the items to be interrelated or to correlate with one another if they truly tap anxiety A person who reports a dry mouth is also expected to report increases in muscle tension as well ValidityContent validity refers to whether a measure adequately samples the domain of interestCriterion validity evaluated by determining whether a measure is associated in an expected way with some other measure the criterionConstruct validity evaluated by looking at a wide variety of data a person is fidgeting trembling and sweating from multiple sources PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Psychological assessment techniques are designed to determine cognitive emotional personality and behavioural factors in psychopathological functioning Clinical interview difference from a casual conversation is the attention the interviewer pays attention to how the respondent answers or doesnt answer questions The clinician may regard as valid what a thclient said in the first interview but then at the 6 recognize it to have been incorrect or partially correct Ex client is recounting marital conflicts clinician will usually be attentive to any emotion accompanying the comments If the client doesnt seem upset about a difficult situation the answers will probably be understood differently than they would be if the person were crying or agitated while relating the story Structured interview one in which the questions are set out in a prescribed fashion for the interviewer The use of structured interviews is a major factor in the improvement of diagnostic reliability it has also been developed for diagnosing personality disorders and more specific disorders anxiety disorders Psychological tests standardized procedure designed to measure a persons performance on a particular task or to assess hisher personality or thoughts feelings and behaviour This test may alert the clinician to the possible presence of schizophrenia these tests also yield important info in their own right such as personality characteristics or situational determinants of a persons problems
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