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Chapter 13


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

1PSYB65 HUMAN BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR FINAL TEXTBOOK NOTES CHAPTER 13 THE OCCIPITAL LOBES ANATOMY OF THE OCCIPITAL LOBES Figure 131Parietaloccipital sulcus separates occipital andparietal lobes Calcarine sulcus lateraly separates occipital lobe dividing upper and lower half of visual field Collateral sulcus ventral surface of occipital lobe extending towards temporal Cuneate gyrusLingual gyrus includes part of V2 and VP Fuciform gyrus V4 No clear divisions between occipital and temporal lobe and parietal lobe on lateral surface confusion of actuall boundries The discovery that V1 is heterogeneous that a single cortical area could have multiple separate functions was unexpected Striate cortex striped cortex thin stripecolour perception thick stripes form percepropn and pale stripes moton perception We previously thought that motion perception was independent of colour but now we know colour vision is integral to the analysis of position depth motion and structure of objects ie The way the light falls on an object gives us clues about motion and depth Colour perceptionadaptive primatesselecting edible fruit on background of green leavesCONNECTIONS OF THE VISUAL CORTEX Before we had a hierarchical view of visual pathway but now we know that it Is more like a distributed hierarchical process with multiple parallel and interconnecting pathways V1is the striate cortex primary vision area receives largest LGN input and projects to all other visual areas most basic fundamental level of processing V2 input from V1 projects to all other occipital regions second level After v2 there are 3 distinct pathways Dorsal stream top where pathway guidance of visual movement towards parietal spatial function Ventral stream bottom what pathway object perception including colour
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