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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

CH 11: Chaining Behavioral chaining Behavioral chain is a sequence of discriminative stimuli (S Ds) & responses (Rs) in which each response except the last produces the S D for the next response & the last response is followed by a reinforcer. Each S D (after the 1 ) in a behavioral chain is a conditioned reinforcer for the pervious response A stimulus response chain writing out as follows: Pg138 The stimulus-response connections are the links that hold the chain together A chain is only as strong as its weakest link Similarly if any response is so weak that it fails to be evoked by the S D preceding it the next S D will not be produced & the rest of the chain will not occur Chain will be broken at the point of its weakest link The only way in which to repair the chain is to strengthen the weak stimulus-response connection by means of effective training procedure The symbol S+ at the far right of the diagram symbolizes the positive reinforcer that follow the last response in the chain The reinforcer at the end of the chain maintains the stimuli in the chain as effective SDs for the response that follow them & effective conditioned reinforcers for the responses that precede them Many behavioral sequences that you perform in everyday life are behavioral chains Playing a particular song on musical instrument, brushing ur teeth, lacing & trying ur shoes, & making a sandwich are all behavioral chains. Not all behavioral sequences are behavioral chains Methods for teaching a behavioral chain 3 major methods of teaching a behavioral chain www.notesolution.com
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