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Zachariah Campbell

SELFMANAGEMENT Chapter20 When a person uses behavior modification procedures to change his or her own behavior the process is called Selfmanagement Example of SelfManagementMurray had been running 35 miles about 5 days a week for a few yearsAerobic exercise helped him keep his weight and blood pressure down and made him feel betterWhen graduated from college and started working full time he began to miss more and more runs each weekFirst thing Murray did was to develop a data sheetincluded a space to record the time and distance that he ran each day of the week and another space to record his goal for the dayHe stated with 3 miles on 3 days each week and increased the number of miles each dayHe also made a graph to indicate his goal for that weekChanged his eating lifestyles and found some friends to run with himpublic commitment Example2 of SelfManagementGetting Annette to clean up her messShannon and Annette were getting into arguments about her messinessShe left dishes lying around didnt put food back into the refrigerator or cupboardsAnnette implemented a number of selfmanagement strategies1 First she posted notes to herself in the kitchen and bathroom as reminders to clean up after herself2 Annette bought paper plates and cups to make it easier to clean up3 Signed a contract with Shannon in which she would lose 2 each time sh
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