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Chapter 16

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 16 Antecedent Control Procedures Functional assessment extinction and differential reinforcementincrease desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviorsFunctional assessment procedures are used to indentify the antecedents and consequences that maintain the desirable and undesirable target behaviorsExtinction Procedures reinforcer for an undesirable behavior is removed Differential Reinforcementreinforcers are delivered for alternative desirable behaviors for the absence of the problem behavior or for a lower rate of the problem behaviorAntecedent Control Proceduresakaantecedent manipulationsantecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke desirable behaviors so that they can be differentially reinforced and to decrease undesirable behaviors that interfere with the desirable behaviorsExamples of Antecedent Control Marianne got Ds and Fs in most of her classes so she then talked to her counselorEvery time she started studying the night before a testas a result she panicked when she had to take tests and stayed up all night studying and trying to catch upCounselor though that antecedent control procedures would help Marianne study moreMarianne and counselor decided on following the planMarianne found 2 hrs of each day that would work best for her to studyShe would study in the library bc she was not distracted frequentlyShe identified a friend who studied everydayPlanned study sessions at least few days a weekShe wrote down her study schedule on a sheet of paper and posted on fridge and told her friends not to bother her during those hoursShe kept her books with her in a backpack so that she could study if she had some free timeShe wrote down all the times of tests and assignment on a calendar in her roomShe made a written contract with her counselor in which she committed to do the hours of studying that she had scheduled These steps helped Marianne study more often each step involved manipulating an antecedent to studying or manipulating an antecedent to competing behaviors that interfered with studyingDefining Antecedent Control ProceduresAntecedent control procedures involve manipulating some aspect of the physical or social environment to evoke a desired response or to make a competing undesirable behavior less likelyDPresenting the Discriminative Stimulus S or Cues for the Desired behaviorOne reason that a desirable behavior may not occur is that the discriminative stimuli for the behavior are not present in the persons environmentEg health food is not present the person is less likely to each some foods DTo increase the likelihood that he would eat healthful foods Cal presented appropriate SsCal bought healthful foods and kept them available in his kitchen to eatHe also packed a healthful lunch and bought it to work with him each day
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