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Chapter 5&6

Chapter 5 & 6

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 5: Extinction Extinction: a behaviour that has been reinforced for a period of time was no longer reinforced and therefore, the behaviour stopped occurring Basic principle of behaviour Extinction occurs when: o A behaviour that has been previously reinforced o No longer results in reinforcing consequences o There, behaviour stops occurring in future One characteristic of extinction process is once behaviour is no longer reinforced, it often increases briefly in frequency, duration, or intensity before it decreases and ultimately stops, called extinction burst Another characteristic: novel behaviours: behaviours that do not typically occur in a particular situation Spontaneous recovery: behaviour may occur again even after it has not occurred for some time o Natural tendency for behaviour to occur again in situations that are similar to those in which it occurred before extinction Two procedural variationstypes of reinforcement: positive and negative reinforcement If behaviour is positively reinforced consequence is applied or added after behaviour If negatively reinforced behaviour results in removal or avoidance of aversive stimulus Extinction means removing reinforce for behaviour Factors that influence extinction: o Reinforcement schedule before extinction: partly determines whether extinct
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