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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 2: The First Steps in Vision: Seeing Stars A Little Light Physics Light is a form of electromagnetic radiaton Light can be thought of as wave or stream of photons o Wave: Oscillation that travels through medium by transferring energy from one point to another o Photons: particles that each consist of a quantum of energy Treat light as wave when it moves and photons when its absorbed Light is a small part of electromagnetic spectrum o Visible light is between 400-700 nm o Red (long) waves are 650nm, violet (short) waves are 400nm Light can be: o Absorbed: Take up energy, but doesnt pass o Gives dark surface appearance o Scattered: disperse in weird pattern o Reflected: redirect energy from surface Gives light surface appearance o Transmitted: transfer wo absorbing or reflecting o Refracted: Course of energy is changed as it passes from something to another medium Other medium could be eyeball Eyes That See Light Eyes dont just detect light, they form an image Cornea: transparent window of eye o No blood supply, but has sensory nerve endings to tell us to blink Transparent: Light is transmitted, not refracted or absorbed Aqueous humor: watery fluid, fills space behind cornea o Gives O , nutrients and removes waste from cornea and crystalline lens Crystalline lens: Lens in eye that changes focus Pupil: Opening in iris that lets light in Iris: Coloured part of eye that is muscle controlling amount of light entering (pupil) o E.g. when light, irispupil lets more light in Vitreous Humor: Transparent fluid in vitreous chamber o Light is refracted for 4 and last time here Retina: Membrane in back of eye, receives image from lens and sends it to brain o Has rods and cones o Light is brought into focus here, some is lost in process o Detects light tells brain about objects Refraction Process: www.notesolution.com
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