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Chapter 2

chapter 2

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 Chapter 2 The First Steps in Vision Seeing StarsPage1A Little Light Physics Wave AbsorbTransmit An oscillation that travels through a medium by To take up light noise or energy and not To convey something eg light from one transferring energy from one particle or point to transmit it at all place or thing to another another without causing any permanent Scatter Refract displacement of the medium To disperse light in an irregular fashion 1 To alter the course of a wave of energy that passes into something from another medium as Photon Reflect A quantum of visible light or other form of water does to light entering it from the air To redirect something that strikes a surfaceelectromagnetic radiation demonstrating both 2 To measure the degree of refraction in a lens especially light sound or heatusually back particle and wave properties or eye toward its point of originEyes That See Light Cornea Crystalline lens The transparent window into the eyeball The lens inside the eye that enables changingTransparent bc it is made of a highly ordered focus arrangement of fibers contains no blood vesselstransparent or blood which would absorb light PupilHas transparent sensory nerve endings which The dark circular opening at the center of the force eyes to close and produce tears if iris in the eye where light enters the eye stratched Iris Transparent The coloured part of the eye consisting of a Allowing light to pass through with no muscular diaphragm surrounding the pupil and interruption so that objects on the other side can regulating the light entering the eye pupillary be clearly seenreflex by expanding and contracting the pupil Aqueous humour Retina Vitreous humour The watery fluid in the anterior chamber of the A lightsensitive membrane in the back of the The transparent fluid that fills the vitreous eye eye that contains rods and cones which receive chamber in the posterior part of the eyederived from blood fills space behind cornea an image from the lens and send it to the brainsupplies onutrients to and removing waste 2through the optic nerve from cornea and crystalline lensShining Starlight onto the Retina eye is focused in the front of the retina and Accommodation Cataract The process by which the eye changes its focus Opacity of the crystalline lens distant objects cannot be seen sharply in which the lens gets fatter as gaze is directedCataracts can interfere with vision bc theyEyeball too long toward nearer objects absorb and scatter more light than the normal Hyperopia farsightednessRefraction is necessary to focus light rays lens doesA common condition in which light entering the Cornea aqueous and vitreous humours help eye is focused behind the retina Emmetropia refract light although are fixed Therefore the The condition in which there is no refractiveEyeball too short lens uses accommodation to bring close objects error because the refractive power of the eye is into focus Astigmatism perfectly matched to the length of the eyeballProcesses done through contraction of cillary A visual defect caused by the unequal curving ofRefractive errors can occur when the eyeball is muscle which is attached to the lens by fibers one or more of the refractive surfaces of the eye too long or too short relative to the power of the called zonules usually the cornea optical components Presbyopia Myopia nearsightedness Literally old sight The loss of near vision A common condition in which light entering the because of insufficient accommodation
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