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Chapter 5

chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 Chapter 5 The Perception of Color Page1Basic Principles of Color Perception The Problem of Univariance Problem of univariance The fact that an infinite set of different wavelengthintensity combinations can elicit exactly the same response from a single type of photoreceptor One photoreceptor type cannot make color discriminations based on wavelengthExplains the lack of color in dimly lit scenes Trichromacy Rods and Cones Scotopic Light intensities that are bright enough to stimulate the rode receptors but too dim to stimulate the cone receptors Compare scotopic and mesopicAll rods are sensitive to low light levelsAll rods contain the same type of photopigment molecule rhodopsinsame light sensitivity to wavelength Photopic Mcone Light intensities that are bright enough to A cone that is preferentially sensitive to middle stimulate the cone receptors and bright enough wavelengths colloquially but not entirely to saturate the rod receptors ie drive them to accurately known as a green cone their maximum responses Compare scotopic Lcone and mesopic A cone that is preferentially sensitive to longCones come in three varieties contain a wavelengths colloquially but not entirely different photopigment accurately known as red coneWith the three cone types we can tell the diff bw lights of diff wavelengths bc this produces Trichromatic theory or color vision or a unique set of 3 response from the three cone trichromacy types This combination signal can be used as The theory that the color of any light is defined the basis for color vision in our visual system by the relationships of three numbers the outputs of three receptor types Sconenow known to be the three cones Also known A cone that
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