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Chapter 1

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George Cree

Chapter 1 – The Science of the Mind The Scope of Cognitive Psychology The field of cognitive psychology can also be looked in other terms, as the scientific study of knowledge and everything that accompanies that knowledge (How? When? Where? Why?) One of the major things that accompany knowledge is, most obviously, memory of that knowledge. Of course, what good is knowledge if one cannot recall it? (Think  the case of H.M.) Thus, this is the course of memory and cognition OR knowledge (cognition) and the recollection of knowledge (memory) A brief history The history of cognitive psychology can be broken down into 3 segments  The years of introspection (late 19 century) th  The years of behaviourism (early 20 century)  The “cognitive revolution” (last 50 years) In the late 19 century, Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Bradford Titchener came up with a new theory to study conscious mental events such as: feeling, thoughts, perceptions and recollections. This new methodology was called introspection. Introspection is means to “look within” to observe and record the content of our own mental lives and the sequence of our own experiences. However, the method of introspection did not hold water for long, and was quickly dismissed from the general array of the scientific world. For something to be considered “scientific” it must be testable and overall lack subjection. Evidently, introspection failed to meet these criteria’s Since,
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