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Chapter 5

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Dwayne Pare

Chapter 5 Acquisition the process of gaining information and placing it into memoryStorage holding information in memory until it is neededRetrieval remembering locating this information and bringing it into active us THE ROUTE INTO MEMORYModal model information processing involves different kinds of memory o When information first arrives it is stored in raw sensory memory form iconic for visual inputs and echoic memory for auditory inputs o Process of selection and interpretation moves the information into shortterm memory place you hold information you currently working on o Some of the information is then transferred to a much larger permanent storage place o some of the information was true according to this model but other conceptions need to be updatedsensory memory is not considered as a form of memoryinstead term used now is working memory for shortterm memory to emphasize functionworking memory is not thought of as a place rather a status in which ideas are currently active o some of the differences in working vs longterm memory that modal model contributed to areworking memory is limited in size while long term memory is vastgetting information into working memory is easy while it takes more work to get into long term memoryeasier to get information out of working memory too it is harder to get it from long term memoryworking memory is more fragile since it can be lost when you lose your train of thought but long term memory is not so fragile since information is already in storage o participants are asked to listen to a list of words and repeat right after in a freerecall procedure in which you can repeat in any orderprimacy effect you remember the first few wordsdue to memory rehearsal a process of repeating words which tends to happen more for first few words due to having less competition with other wordsas a result these words are coming from long term memoryrecency effect when remember last few words
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