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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Brain: An Overview of Structure & Function

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gabriela Ilie

Memory & Cognition Chapter 2 The Brain: An Overview of Structure & Function The grain grows from 0 to 350 grams (~34 lbs) during the prenatal period and continues after birth; maximum brain weight of 1350 grams (~3 lbs) achieved at ~20 years old. Most post birth brain growth occurs before 4, but changes continue through adulthood. Bigger == better. Structure of the brain Hindbrain Develops from one of three bulges in the embryos neural tube Most primitive structures reside here Three major structure: 1. Medulla Oblongata transmits information from the spinal cord to the brain regulates life support functions (eg. Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, etc) 2. Pons Latin word for bridge Neural relay centre facilitating the crossover of information from either hemispheres Involved in balance and processing visual and auditory information 3. Cerebellum little brain; one of the most primitive brain structures Coordinate muscular activity Governs balance and general motor behaviour and coordination Brain lesions can cause irregular and jerky movements, tremors, impairement of balance and gait Deals with temporal stimuli, eg. rhythm; ability to shift attention between visual and auditory stimuli Midbrain Structures involved in relaying information between other brain regions Reticular Formation keeps us awake and alert; involved in sudden arousal in response to threatening or attention-grabbing stimulus Forebrain Largest part of the brain; where all the magic happens 1. Thalamus Relays information, especially the cerebral cortex 2. Hypothalamus www.notesolution.com
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