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Chapter 7

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George Cree

Chapter 7Remembering Complex EventsMemory Errors Memory GapsSome observations testify the efficiency of human memorywhat if you draw a blank sometimesHow about if you recall an episode but it turns out wrongLets consider all cases including the how and how often errors ariseMemory Errors Some Initial Examples1992 El cargo plane lost power in 2 of its engines in Amsterdampilot returned place to airport but couldnt make itplane crashed into apartment 10 months later researchers question 193 Dutch people about crash asking them Did you see TV film the moment the plane hit the building 12 did see film even though there was not film No camera had recorded the crash or film shown on TV In followup investigators surveyed 93 people about crashasked whether they saw TV film and asked more detailed questions about what they saw in the film23 remembered film and gave details Errors may emerge bc participants were trying to remember something that took place 1 year agoMemory Errors A Hypothesis Memory errors can happen in many different waystart from arising during initial exposure to continuing through the moment of recallErrors involve same simple mechanismmemory connection linking knowledge to other bits like spider webSame connections can create problemas you ad link you gradually link 2 episodes together and lose track which bits of info were contained wI which episodetransplant errors Understanding Both Helps and Hurts MemoryMemory connections help bc they help connections and make it easier to locate infoMemory connections hurt b they make it difficult to see where remember episode stop and othersIntrusion errors Errors where other knowledge intrude into remember event ie Role of understanding itself study w Owens Bower Black Read passage Participants given recall test were asked to remember the sentences as they could Participants who saw prologue made x4 as many intrusion errors The DRM ProcedureSimilar effect can be demonstrated w word lists provided the lists are arranged so they make appropriate contact w prior knowledge ie participant presented with bed rest awake tired dream wake snooze blanket doze slumber snoreparticipants asked to recall words associated w sleep but not included in listcontestant make association with itlikely to hear sleepDeseRodigerMcDermottDRM Procedure Errors are observed even if participants are put on their guard Mechanisms leading to memory errors are automaticSchematic KnowledgeIntrusion errors come from wordsidea associated w material being learnedIntrusion errors can also come from background knowledge we bring in most situationhelps us explore think about and interpret MISSING 205
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