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George Cree

B57 CHAPTER 7REMEMBERING COMPLEX EVENTS Memory Errors Some Initial ExamplesIn 1992 an El Cargo plan lost power and crashed into a building killing 43 people in Amsterdam Researchers 10 months later questions 193 Dutch people about the cash if they seen the television film of the moment the plane hit the apartment buildingmore than half the participants 107 people reported seeing the film even though there was no such film the participants were remembering something that didnt happenin a follow up study they surveyed another 93 people about the crash and if they saw the nonexistent film and going into more depth about the questions 23 of these participants remembered seeing the film and most of them confidently discussed details of the crashwas this bc they were emotionalIs memory more accurate when the questions come after a shorter delayBrewer and Treyens participants were asked to wait briefly in the experimenters office prior to the procedures start After 35 seconds they were taken out of this office and told that they were actually going to be testing their memory and what was in the officeBc they were in an office they said they saw a chair and desktheir recall was often in line w their expectations and not w reality Hw they also said they saw books on the shelveswhen actually there were none How could this beMemory Errors A Hypothesiserrors can arise during your initial exposure to the episode to be remembered and continuing through the moment of recallall errors involvememory connectionsall these connections form a memory system containing info that looks much like a spiderwebe bit of info connected by many threads to other bits of info elsewhere in the webthere are no clear boundaries here though to separate info and memoryWhat holds these elements togetherdensity of connectionsAdvantages of memory connectionscrucial in memory retrievalthe more connections you have the easier it will be to find the info you seekDisadvantages of memory connectionsas you add links you are gradually knitting more episodes togetherbecomes easy to lose track of which bits of info we contained within a specific episode making you vulnerable to transplant errors in which a bit of info encountered in one context is transplanted into another contextUnderstanding Both Helps and Hurt MemoryHelp memory the connections in their role as retrieval paths make it easier to locate infoHurt memory they can make it difficult to see where the remembered episode stops and otherrelated knowledge beginsconnections encourage intrusion errorserrors in which other knowledge intrudes into the remembered eventin a study results showed that participants that had a prologue abstract before the actual story actually recalled more this prologue provides a meaningful context for the remainder of the story and has helped for understanding understanding promoted recallHowever those same participants led them to include many things in their recall that were not mentioned in the original recall they made 4 times as many intrusion errors then those who did not get the prologue 1
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