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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Gabriela Ilie

Chapter 6- Working Memory We need to keep some bits of information accessible in mind to perform cognitive operations of them, mull them over and transform them. This short term mental storage and manipulation operations are collectively called working memory Working memory is similar to a blackboard that temporarily holds information and allows us to alter it, but once we are done with the information it can be erased Computer Metaphor Working memory is analogous to computers RAM, but comparison with RAM leads to two further predictions: 1. Any program can access RAM, therefore, no fixed mapping of a part and its related processes 2. As there is more RAM, we can multi-task more Implications of the Nature of Working Memory Working memory capacity; the amount of information that can be held accessible. People vary in their working memory capacity and this variation accounts for the differences in intelligence, learning etc From Primary Memory to Working Memory: A Brief History William James: Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, and Consciousness Primary memory is the initial repository in which information can be stored and made available to conscious inspection, attention and introspection. In this way, information is continually accessinlr Secondary memorylong term storage memory is the store from which information cannot be retrieved without initiating an active cognitive process Early Studies: The Characteristics of Short-Term Memory Miller suggested that people can only keep 7 items active in the short-term storage and this limitation influences performance on a wide range of mental tasks. This concept was supported by the tests of short-term memorization The short term memory is perceived as highly flexible and subject to manipulation Single items can be grouped together into higher level units of organization called chunks; that expand the capacity of short term memory. Chunking is governed by by concept of meaningfulness www.notesolution.com
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