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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Sensorimotor System

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Ted Petit

Chapter 5 The Sensorimotor System Module 51 Sensorimotor SystemSomatosensory feedback monitor the position and placement of our body and its parts joints tendons muscles and skin Why SensorimotorSomatosensory information from skin joints and muscles ensures your brain makes accurate ymovementso Without it dont know if your grasping something too hard knowing when to stop or start speed or direction of movement Somatosensory Receptors Receptors o Nociception sensation of pain and temperature o Hapsis fine touch and pressure o Proprioception awareness of body and its position in space o Mechanoreceptors distortion like bending or stretching around hair follicleMost axons have ion channelsyDorsal Root Ganglia somatosensory Ventral Root Ganglia motor Spinal segments cervical 18 Thoracic 112 Lumbar 15 Sacral 15 Dermatomes different areas of skin that a dorsal root innervateso If cut lose some sensation but there is overlap so must cut one above and below to loose all sensation The Real World Chicken Pox Shingles and Dermatomes o Chicken pox virus still lives in nerves and events that compromise immune system can result in shingleso Increased sensitivity of one dorsal root ganglion leading to pain maps dermatome of that dorsal root by producing blisters in that area o Neuralgia pain that does not result from an obvious lesion o Can also result in stroke or blindness Somatosensory Pathways in the Brain Dorsal spinothalamic tract responsible for transmitting information about proprioception and hapsis o Dorsal root ganglion ipsilaterally synapses in dorsal column nucleus crosses at brain stem continues up medial lemniscus to ventrolateral thalamus and primary somatosensory cortex Ventral spinothalamic tract nociceptive information o Dorsal root ganglion contralaterally ascends spinal cord join medial lemiscus to ventrolateral thalamus to somatosensory cortexResults in difference when injury happens depending on the site of injury yAssociation CortexTop of the hierarchy of sensorimotor control then secondary and primary motor cortex brain stem yand motor nuclei then spinal motor circuits Posterior Parietal Association Cortex
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