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Chapter 1

Chapter One - Stanovich (How to Think Straight About Psychology)

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Anna Nagy

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How to Think Straight About Psychology Ninth EditionFinal Exam NotesChapter One Psychology is Alive and Well and Doing Fine Among the SciencesThe Freud ProblemFreud along with pop psychology presented in the media largely defines psychology in the public mindModern psychology is not obsessed with the ideas Sigmund Fredu nor largely defined by themFreuds method of investigation are completely unrepresentative of how modern psychologists conduct their researchFreud built an elaborate theory on a database case studies and introspection that was not enough to support itFamiliarity with Freuds style of work can be a significant impediment to the understanding of modern psychologyWe shall deal with the Freud problem in two ways 1 When we illustrate the diversity of modern psychology the rather minor position occupied by Freud will become clear 2 We shall discuss what features are common to psychological investigation across a wide variety of domainsThe Diversity of Modern PsychologyTheres a great diversity of content and perspective in modern psychology which reduces the coherence of psychology as a disc
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